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Geaux Glitter Co.

Glitter Lock - Multi-Purpose Sealer

Glitter Lock - Multi-Purpose Sealer

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Geaux Glitter Co.'s NEWEST PRODUCT!

Glitter Lock

Geaux Glitter Co.'s Glitter Lock Multi-purpose sealer has many uses.  Use on glitter, wood, vinyl, cloth and more! Seal down your striping and glitter on your tumblers, seal vinyl on your wood crafts, etc.  Sealing tumblers with Glitter Lock makes applying your first cost of epoxy easier.  You will get a smoother finish on your first coat versus not using a sealant.  As a tumbler maker for years, I no longer apply epoxy without sealing glitter first.  It's a game changer!  No more going outside in the cold weather, rain, heat, etc.  Glitter Lock is perfect for indoor use.

Application:  Apply a thin smooth coat with a soft brush or sponge brush, over your project and allow to dry.  30 minute drying time is recommended, but will depend on the thickness of your coat.  It is suggested that if you are using a chunkier glitter, to seal twice.  Chunky glitter does tend to move around more.

Keep out of reach of children.

Craft Use Only

  • Always use in a well ventilated space
  • PPE recommended when using chemicals
  • Protect eyes and skin at all times to avoid irritation or reactions to chemicals in product.
  • Gloves recommended - avoid all skin contact when using any chemical product
  • Allow allotted cure time before handling. Recommended 30 minutes dry time depending on thickness of coat applied, weather and environment of workspace
  • Store in adequate ventilated areas and away from sources of ignition
  • Seal lid tightly during storage. Keep in cool, dry space No direct sunlight
  • DO NOT USE to seal ink projects

Geaux Glitter products are safe as long as they are used properly and as instructed.  Always follow warnings and precautions for safety.  Use all products with caution as everyone's bodies react differently to chemicals.  It is always best to use gloves and PPE when using any type of chemicals.  We do not warrant products.  Buyer assumes all risks for the usage of all materials.  We are not liable for any damages.  

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Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

This sealer is one of the best I have used to date

Yvonne Burton

The glitter lock really keeps the glitter in place so it doesn't cross contaminate. Great stuff!

Virginia Lewis

Great stuff, works wonders on glitter




Everything is amazing and beautiful! Very fast shipping.