Collection: Cajun Boil Scoops

PURCHASE SEPERATELY!  If purchased with other items, your scoop purchase will be refunded and your other items will mail out within our shipping time frame.  You can purchase more than one scoop.  All scoops will be mailed out together.

Let's spice up our Friday Night TikTok Lives once a month, with a little bit of Cajun fun!

Get some Cajun spice delivered across the country with an added touch of sparkle baby!

Scoop purchases will close a week prior to the Live in order to prepare for the total number of scoops.

No items are guaranteed in this process.  You get what is scooped.  No changes will be made.  We want to have fun and add a little bit of Louisiana to your orders.

Boiling pot will consist of 2 oz shakers of glitter, 2 oz bags of glitter, crafting supplies, decals and some Louisiana goodies! And...sometimes we will have other small businesses who will also give items away.  It's so much fun!

Let's Geaux!!!!