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CLOSED Sparkle Station: 

We are running low on Dayyyum Medium, Wisteria Chunky Mix, Innocence Chunky Mix, Lemon Drop Chunky Mix, Sugar Pine Chunky Mix, Dream Catcher Chunky Mix, and Indian Outlaw Chunky Mix.  These may run out before it is your turn for your mix.  Please be aware if choosing these colors.


I will start in order and if you are not present at the time of your turn, I will move to the next order and place you next in line until you are available.  If you miss the Live, I will mix your mix at the end of the Live and mail it to you.  You do not need to be present to order a custom mix.

Sparkle Station IS HERE!!!

Let's create some amazing custom glitter mixes! All custom glitter mixes will be measured by 2 oz weight and come in a labeled shaker with your name choice.  You can either choose a 1.0 ounce ratio by choosing two colors or a .5 ounce ratio by choosing four colors.  There is a variety of Fine (1/128), Medium (1/64) or Chunky Mix cuts to choose from.

ALL SALES ARE FINAL ON CUSTOM MIXES!!  Please choose your colors wisely.  There will be no refunds for any reason once you have purchased your spot.  

Sparkle Station will have a limited number of spots available each Live.  

All custom mixes will be done on TikTok lives.  We will have a Sparkle Station schedule soon, but for right now, I am randomly doing Lives.  I always send out an email before I go Live on TikTok, so if you want to see your mix during the Live, please send me an email to and just tell me to add you to my Live Notification list.  I will create a schedule soon and let everyone know what days during the week I plan to do the Sparkle Station.

There is a drop down menu which will give you options of every glitter available for the Sparkle Station.  Only these colors are available.  I will add colors as stock comes in.  You will also have an option to choose Mixer's Choice.  Please note that if you choose the Mixer's Choice option, that you are acknowledging that you understand there are NO REFUNDS on any Sparkle Station mixes.

A form of contact is required to order a custom mix for in case something you choose is sold out, so that we can discuss a replacement option.


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