Collection: Epoxy Resin Pigment Paste

Geaux Glitter Co.’s Epoxy Resin Pigment Paste

Used for epoxy resin crafts.

50g per jar

Stir well before each use.

*Keep out of reach of children or animals! Epoxy in all forms can be dangerous.

These pastes will stain whatever they touch, so use with caution. Wear gloves, protect clothing and work surface.

Store in room temperature. Do not store in extreme heat or extreme cold spaces. Do not store in direct sunlight.

Add paste to epoxy until desired color is achieved, but please note that using too much paste with epoxy can cause epoxy to cure incorrectly and stay tacky.

Follow all your specific epoxy instructions.

Geaux Glitter Co. will not be held responsible for any misuse of this product. Do your research on epoxy pigments before using. As any other chemical product, you are using this product by your own risk.  Always use chemicals with caution and wear personal protection when using.