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Geaux Glitter Co.

Geaux Glitter Mentorship

Geaux Glitter Mentorship

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Once you have completed your purchase to the mentorship subscription, you can send a request to join Geaux Glitter Mentorship Group on Facebook.  Copy this link and paste it in your search engine -

You must have a subscription to be able to join the mentorship group.  Once your membership has been confirmed, you request will be accepted.  

Keep your confirmation email.  Please do not delete that initial email.  This email is your access to make any changes to your subscription.  Please create an account in your customer portal at checkout.  This will allow you to make changes to your subscription at any time. 

This mentorship subscription will give you access to more one on one time with me through Facebook Lives, We will have tumbler tutorials, Designs Space tutorials, Shopify tutorials (this may be limited, but I will help you with everything I know) and many other things.  I will share all my knowledge of my tumbler business.  This group is far more than just tumblers!  We will create amazing friendships that will hopefully last a lifetime.  I will share as much as I can with you, that will help you grow and even allow us all to grow together!  We are a Geaux Family!

What you can expect with your membership:

♥ Exclusive access to a private Facebook group that will only be available to my mentorship members.

♥ 2-3 Live tutorials a month in the Facebook group.  I could potentially do more, but it will depend on what I have going on each week.  Lives will be at different times and different days.  Lives will always be posted in the group.  If you miss it, you can always go back and re-watch.   

♥ Email access to communicate with me directly for one on one support as needed.  Sometimes responses will be delayed.  I do receive a substantial amount of messages and sometimes it is hard to respond to everyone immediately, so please be patient.  

♥ This is going to be a family atmosphere where we can have fun, be open and honest, respectful and just have some fun creating and learning.  I don't know everything, but I darn sure try my best to make sure I can help you with everything I can.  This group will be a strict private group and it is required that if someone wants to lean on our shoulders, their information is not repeated outside of the group.  If we find a mole, that person will be removed from the group immediately with NO REFUND for that month's subscription and your subscription will be canceled. 

PLEASE MAKE SURE THAT YOU UNDERSTAND THAT THIS SUBSCRIPTION IS AUTOMATICALLY CHARGED MONTHLY. You will be billed monthly on the 1st.  If you join on the 25th, please note you will be charged again on the 1st.  You can cancel at any time, but if you cancel, you will not be refunded for partial days.  Once you are charged for the month, there is no refund. 

All I ask, is that everyone be respectful and that we have fun!  I cannot wait to see you on the Facebook side!  ♥

Misti Fusilier

Geaux Glitter Co.

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tiffanye shaw
Amazing Customer Service and Product

I was able to finally try out some glitter and the coverage is simply amazing. If you know anything about good glitter I do a feel test and these definitely pass with flying colors. I can’t wait to order more